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endless_measure's Journal

♪ Endless ♥ Measure ♪ :: asian music community
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An Asian music rotation and media source.

Welcome to ENDLESS MEASURE!! ;; your one stop community for asian music media!

This is an open membership fan-community dedicated to spreading the love of Asian music! Whether you're a cpop/jpop/kpop fan, it doesn't matter, there's something here for everyone! ♥ Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join! And go tell your friends to join too - the more the merrier neh? ^_^

Posting access is only available to our comm's uploaders. To become an uploader and have access to share you links in the community, please refer to the application post.

Admin: Lisa skylen
Mods: Chibi adachibiko
Contact: endless [dot] measure [at] gmail [dot] com OR post a comment here (comments are screened).

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